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In the Winter 95/96
Cigar Aficionado

Tom Selleck

Up Front Features
    Profile : In the Trenches - NFL Hall of Famer Mean Joe Greene dreams of another Super Bowl ring, but this time with the Miami Dolphins.

Hotel Bela Vista, Macau

Fairmont Hotel, Chicago

    Cigars : The Partagas Family - Cigar Smokers from Around the World Gathered in Havana and Orlando This Summer to Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Partagas Cigars

Speakeasies for Cigar Smokers - As Almost Everyone Knows, Smokers of Fine Cigars Are Renowned for Their Creativity, Their Generosity and Their Perseverance

    Cover : A Star Returns - After years of battling rumors and bad scripts, Tom Selleck, the former Star of Magnum, P.I., is poised for a comeback.

    Golf : Golfing in Paradise - Mexico's Baja Peninsula Provides Challenging Courses with Incredible Vistas

    Sports : The Treasure Hunters - Before You Invest in a Search for Sunken Treasure, Find Out What You Are Diving Into

    Cars : High Speed Dreams - Cigar Aficionado's Contributing Editor Drives One of the World's Hottest Race Cars--and Survives

    Art : Painting the Town - LeRoy Neiman, perhaps the best known, highest paid and most belittled artist of our time, confidently awaits history's judgment.

    Hobbies : A Captain's Berth - Buying or Building Your Own Yacht is a Risky Venture that Requires Long Months of Investigation

    Collecting : The Way We Were - Toys May Be Just Childhood Memories, But They Can Also Be Valuable Collectibles

Heavenly Strings - For Centuries, Experts Have Struggled--Unsuccessfully--To Duplicate the Perfection of Antonio Stradivari's Violins

    Jewelry : Diamonds in the Rough - They Are Forever and a Girl's Best Friend; Here Is How to Tell the Gems from the Junk

    Drink : Bordeaux's Finest - There Has Never Been a Better Time To Buy, Enjoy and Cellar Wines from France's Premier Red Wine Region

The Capital Grille, Washington, D.C.

Le Grand V'efour, Paris

    Industry : Cigar Kings - The Rolando Reyes family relies on time and traditional techniques to make Cuba Aliados cigars in Honduras.

    Culture : Cigar Furniture - When Your Cigar Collection Outgrows Your Tabletop Humidor's Capacity, It May Be Time for the Next Level

Young Aficionados - Cigar Smoking Is Hot with the Twentysomething Crowd, Which Agrees: It Is More Than a Fad

Cigars, Cutthroats and Cycles


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