In the Winter 95/96 Cigar Aficionado

Tom Selleck

Up Front

Editors' Note
Opening the Door to Cuba

Out of the Humidor


In the Trenches
NFL Hall of Famer Mean Joe Greene dreams of another Super Bowl ring, but this time with the Miami Dolphins.
The Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida

Hotel Bela Vista, Macau

Fairmont Hotel, Chicago

The Partagas Family
Cigar Smokers from Around the World Gathered in Havana and Orlando This Summer to Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Partagas Cigars
Speakeasies for Cigar Smokers
As Almost Everyone Knows, Smokers of Fine Cigars Are Renowned for Their Creativity, Their Generosity and Their Perseverance
A Star Returns
After years of battling rumors and bad scripts, Tom Selleck, the former Star of Magnum, P.I., is poised for a comeback.
Golfing in Paradise
Mexico's Baja Peninsula Provides Challenging Courses with Incredible Vistas
The Grand Old Man of Poker
If you haven't lost a game to Johnny Moss, you haven't really played poker.
The Treasure Hunters
Before You Invest in a Search for Sunken Treasure, Find Out What You Are Diving Into
High Speed Dreams
Cigar Aficionado's Contributing Editor Drives One of the World's Hottest Race Cars--and Survives
Tailors in the Office
How to Buy a Wardrobe without Leaving the Workplace
Painting the Town
LeRoy Neiman, perhaps the best known, highest paid and most belittled artist of our time, confidently awaits history's judgment.
A Captain's Berth
Buying or Building Your Own Yacht is a Risky Venture that Requires Long Months of Investigation
The Way We Were
Toys May Be Just Childhood Memories, But They Can Also Be Valuable Collectibles
Heavenly Strings
For Centuries, Experts Have Struggled--Unsuccessfully--To Duplicate the Perfection of Antonio Stradivari's Violins
Diamonds in the Rough
They Are Forever and a Girl's Best Friend; Here Is How to Tell the Gems from the Junk
Bordeaux's Finest
There Has Never Been a Better Time To Buy, Enjoy and Cellar Wines from France's Premier Red Wine Region
Locke-Ober, Boston

The Capital Grille, Washington, D.C.

Le Grand V'efour, Paris

Samuel Clemens and His Cigars
Samuel Clemens, AKA Mark Twain, found his muse in great plumes of cigar smoke.


Cigar Kings
The Rolando Reyes family relies on time and traditional techniques to make Cuba Aliados cigars in Honduras.
Nights to Remember: A Hollywood Celebration

Pedro Perez—Former President, Tabacalera
A talk with the man behind Tabacalera, Spain's $7 billion tobacco company.
Cigar Furniture
When Your Cigar Collection Outgrows Your Tabletop Humidor's Capacity, It May Be Time for the Next Level
Young Aficionados
Cigar Smoking Is Hot with the Twentysomething Crowd, Which Agrees: It Is More Than a Fad
Cigars, Cutthroats and Cycles

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