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Jeremy Piven

Moving seamlessly from the abrasive agent on “Entourage” to the gentleman retailer of “Mr Selfridge,” Jeremy Piven proves his acting range. Read about Piven's illustrious career, and his love of fine cigars, in the April Cigar Aficionado. Plus, we go inside London's cigar scene, celebrate 50 years of Cuba’s legendary Cohiba brand and explore the inspiring story of the Broadway sensation On Your Feet! And as always, we rate 81 cigars across six categories: Churchill, Corona Gorda, Figurado, Lonsdale, Panetela and Robusto.

Up Front

Editors' Note
Sanity and Smoking Bans

Out Of The Humidor

Good Life Guide

The OnHub router is on all the time.

The art of Japanese barware.

TaylorMade swings into “unmetalwoods.”

Purists choose wooden matchsticks.

Updating the classic sport watch.

Lamborghini’s return to rear-wheel drive.

The Peninsula Paris offers a cigar retreat.

Get behind the stick of a warbird.

The many shapes of the pocket square.

The lovely joys of the ugly octopus.


Cohiba At 50
It went commercial in the ’80s, but when Cuba’s legendary Cohiba brand debuted in 1966 you had to know Castro to get one.
Piven’s Personae
Moving seamlessly from the abrasive agent on “Entourage” to the gentleman retailer of “Mr. Selfridge,” Jeremy Piven proves his acting range.
Style For The Course
More than any other sport, golf has always had its fashion plates. Now, young pro stars are cashing in with cutting-edge looks.
London Calling
London reclaims its title as cigar capital thanks to the hotels, restaurants and store managers who outsmarted the nanny state.
Meet The Estefans
The inspiring story of the émigrés-cum-golden-couple Gloria and Emilio Estefan is the stuff of a Broadway hit.
The Skeleton Crew
The centuries-long fascination with seeing a watch’s inner workings has spawned even more dramatic offerings.


Connoisseur's Corner
The right amount of time under the right conditions can turn a great cigar into something sublime. We smoke one of the first Cohibas to be sold commercially as well as a Cohiba that celebrated the millennium. Both turned out to be something very special.
Wildlife Imagination
A cigar-smoking silversmith brings his African roots into his art with such pieces as ashtrays in the form of wild animals.
Made For You
Made For You
Pool tables of stone; a titanic television; a chromium straight razor; a whiskey glass that molds its own ice; an upgrade for your headphones; and bringing style to airplane cocktails.

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