Cigar Glossary

The cigar world is full of confusing terms. We've expanded our glossary to take you step-by-step through the process of making cigars by hand. From seed to smoke, from "A" sized cigars measuring 9-inches long to the Yankee hinges on a Connecticut tobacco curing barn, we have the most extensive cigar glossary available anywhere. Start searching from A to Z.

Cigar 101 Videos

Our teaching video series explains how to select, cut, light and care for your cigars, as well as other tips.

Rocky's New Crop
Rocky Patel talks about his newest tobacco crop growing in EstelĂ­, Nicaragua.

Beyond the Brand

The biggest names in the cigar industry give insight into the brand's you love.

Big Smoke Seminars: No. 3 Cigar of 2013
Brand ambassador Jeff Stone talks about the Davidoff Nicaragua Toro.

Weekly Tip

Each week, we offer tips for how to get the most out of your cigar smoking experience. Have a suggestion for a tip?

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  • I recently bought a box of cigars. To my surprise, many haven't burned evenly. I've kept them in properly humidified conditions. What is the problem? Are they too tight? Is it a problem of quality control?

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