Glossary of Cigar Terms


A medium-brown colored wrapper, also referred to as a Colorado Claro.


A country in Central America where fine cigars are made and premium cigar tobacco is grown (see photo). Nicaraguan cigar production is centered in Estelí, an agricultural town along the Pan American Highway situated north of the capital city of Managua. Estelí is also one of the three main tobacco-growing regions of Nicaragua. Tobacco from Estelí is prized for its strength. Tobacco from nearby Condega is more medium bodied, while tobacco grown in the northern area of Jalapa is subtle and prized for its ability to be used as wrapper. Nicaraguan cigars make excellent puros due to the wide variety of tobacco grown in the country.

Young tobacco leaves growing on an Aganorsa S.A. farm in Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan Cigar Guilders Association

A group consisting of most of the cigarmakers of Nicaragua.

Nicotiana Tabacum

The family from which modern-day tobacco plants derive. Nicotiana Tabacum is a natural hybrid. The original tobacco plant is believed to have originated near what is modern-day Peru.


The act of exhaling a bit of cigar smoke through your nose after a puff, which is a way to judge the power of a smoke and get more notes on the cigar’s flavor. Do not inhale the smoke.

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