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Connoisseur's Corner: An Amazing Lonsdale

(From the April 2010 issue of Cigar Aficionado) Lonsdales were once the most popular cigar size in the world. The amazing performance of a lonsdale-sized H. Upmann No. 1 that was rolled more than 50 years ago gives you a hint at why the size may have been so popular. Not only did the cigar have an age-defying wrapper, but the flavor was a thing of pure beauty. A larger (and much, much younger) Cuban Punch from one of Cuba’s finest vintages was nearly as good. They scored 98 and 97 points, respectively, both of them earning the accolade of “classic.” But fine cigars don’t have to hail from Havana to age well. Note the classic score for the Padrón Millennium. This nine-year-old corona gorda is packed with delicious flavor. An older and thinner Dominican Davidoff also has aged beautifully, showing elegance and style.

98 points

H. Upmann No. 1 (1959)

This cigar looks 40 years younger than it is. It has a smooth, elegant texture, with smokey, vanilla flavors. It performs perfectly with a flawless draw and burn. —Marvin R. Shanken
97 points

Punch Double Corona (1994)

This cigar, which came from a cabinet of 50 cigars, is a benchmark from this great year in Cuba. It is rich, and full bodied with amazing notes of chestnuts, chocolate and even peanuts. A great smoke. —Marvin R. Shanken
96 points

Padrón MillenNium (2001)

This cigar was a special edition blend from the Padrón family. It is aging amazingly. The cigar is filled with light pepper and black cherry notes, and has a perfect balance. A great cigar. —Gordon Mott
92 points

Partagas Corona (1993)

This cigar is beginning to show some of its age. It is smooth, with some pleasant cedary notes, but finishes a bit dry on the palate. Still a nice smoke but losing power and strength. —Gordon Mott
91 points

Quai d’Orsay imperiales (1986)

A pleasant Churchill with some light white pepper and smooth leather notes on the palate. Medium bodied, with some age highlights of cedar on the finish. Nice smoke. —Gordon Mott
90 points

Davidoff Special B (1996)

An early success story for this brand’s move to the Dominican Republic. This tapered lonsdale, which is not in production any longer, is very fresh with notes of dried flowers and cloves. Medium bodied, with a lot of refinement and a perfect draw. —James Suckling
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