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Fuente Fuente OpusX

Perfecxion No. 5

This peppery petit corona is fortified with toasted oak flavors and an underlying full-bodied earthiness. The wrapper is dark and streaky.

Additional tasting notes for Fuente Fuente OpusX

Issue: Nov 27, 2012
Score: 92
This peppery petit corona is fortified with toasted oak flavors and an underlying full-bodied earthiness. The wrapper is dark and streaky.

Issue: Dec 01, 2011
Score: 93
Deliciously balanced with coffee bean flavors, dried orange peel notes and a spicy backbone. Lots of flavor and complexity for such a little cigar.

Issue: Dec 01, 2009
Score: 88
Tightly rolled with an oily wrapper, this attractive little cigar has a bit of a firm draw, offering primarily leather flavors that are very pronounced and very strong.

Issue: Apr 01, 2009
Score: 87
A well-made cigar wrapped in a dark, oily wrapper. It is tangy, peppery and strong, but there is a bite on the finish.

Issue: Apr 01, 2006
Score: 87
A lovely dark corona with sharp cedar notes, leather and lots of wood on the palate. It’s strong, with a medium to full body. Some inconsistency was noted.

Issue: Sep 20, 2005
Score: 89
A lush brown wrapper covers this little cigar, which takes some time to light. It’s very strong, with spicy, hot pepper notes and a long finish.

Issue: Apr 01, 2003
Score: 89
This petit cigar packs a full-bodied wallop. Its spicy flavors have depth, along with notes of vanilla. It has a long finish with spice and leather. A delicious smoke.

Issue: Sep 01, 2001
Score: 88
A dark and very oily wrapper. The cigar draws and burns well, showing rich notes of espresso, leather and cedar. An earthy cigar.

Issue: Feb 01, 1998
Score: 88
This small cigar is well made, with a dark oily wrapper. It packs a little kick of flavor, with some sweet, rich qualities.

Issue: Nov 01, 1997
Score: 92
An excellent full-bodied smoke, with flavors of nutmet, sweet cocoa and a some sweet cedar wood notes on the finish.

Issue: Jan 01, 1996
Score: 88
A small cigar that's solid as a rock. It has a silky, oily wrapper. The smoke is spicy, with a hint of nutmeg and a cedary taste. A nice finish.

Issue: Jan 01, 1970
Score: 90
The world said fine wrapper leaf couldn’t be grown in the Dominican Republic, but Carlos Fuente Jr. proved them wrong in late 1995 with the release of the cigar he dubbed his baby, the Fuente Fuente OpusX. The cigars are a classic combination of strength and beauty, with reddish-brown Cuban-seed wrappers grown under shade. The PerfecXion No. 5 is the smallest of the line, a 4 7/8 by 40 petit corona that’s one of the premier small cigars in the world. The slight ring gauge allows the wrapper taste to dominate the cigar, giving it a delicious combination of sweetness and power. The cigars are not for beginners, simply too strong for some palates. This is the 10th year the Fuente Fuente OpusX brand has been on the market, and it remains one of the hardest cigars to find.

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