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H. Upmann

No. 2

The draw and combustion on this torpedo are perfect. Medium-bodied notes of leather, earth, and toasted coconut make this cigar flavorful and pleasant.

Additional tasting notes for H. Upmann

Issue: Apr 01, 2015
Score: 92
This savory torpedo draws and burns evenly. Robust notes of leather and wood are contrasted by bright, sweet spices and big molasses finish.

Issue: Jun 01, 2014
Score: 93
First puffs of this pyramid are profoundly nutty with underpinnings of graham cracker and leather that only intensify as the cigar is smoked. Roasted coffee bean notes also come through before the salty, woody finish.

Issue: Aug 27, 2013
Score: 92
A well-made and oily torpedo. This delicious cigar offers leather, coffee, dry woods and occasional notes of sweet orange peel.

Issue: Oct 01, 2011
Score: 92
Well made with consistently even combustion. Light tea notes and woody intonations become heavier with chocolate, nuts and a bracing black pepper finish.

Issue: Jul 26, 2011
Score: 92
Well made with consistently even combustion. Light tea notes and woody intonations become heavier with chocolate, nuts and a bracing black pepper finish.

Issue: Dec 01, 2010
Score: 91
Although this torpedo burns poorly at first, it eventually corrects itself. A core of earthy flavor is accompanied by coffee bean notes and a nutty component. Hearty and tasty.

Issue: Feb 01, 2009
Score: 91
This well-formed torpedo wears a richly colored wrapper and draws well. The smoke is toasty and woody, but turns profoundly leathery before a long cocoa bean finish that has some sweetness as well.

Issue: Jun 01, 2007
Score: 93
A gorgeous reddish-brown torpedo with a perfect draw that intones the palate with a sublime balance of sweet wood, floral notes and an earthy spiciness. The mellow, woody finish makes this a complex medium- to full-bodied cigar.

Issue: Dec 01, 2005
Score: 88
Dark and well-crafted, this cigar is spicy and earthy, with leather and wood notes on the palate. There’s a creamy aftertaste. Medium to full in body.

Issue: Dec 01, 2004
Score: 85
Sandy colored, with good construction. The smoke is cedary and bright, but a bit bitter, with a dry wood finish.

Issue: Aug 24, 2004
Score: 86
This veiny pyramid has a loose draw and an uneven burn. Flavors are mellow and woody, with a touch of creaminess. The finish is woody. Overall it lacks depth.

Issue: Jun 15, 2004
Score: 86
A torpedo with a brownish-olive-toned wrapper. It has flavors of wood and damp earth. The finish is metallic and unappealing. Medium bodied.

Issue: May 01, 2003
Score: 90
A figurado with excellent balance to its flavors. It has hints of cinnamon and sweet spice, as well as earthy notes. It gathers strength as it is smoked. Medium to full in body.

Issue: Apr 01, 2003
Score: 91
A silky torpedo with prominent veins. It has an easy draw and a decent burn. The flavor is characteristic of strong, complex cigars, with notes of leather, sweet coffee and coffee. Medium to full-bodied.

Issue: Oct 01, 2002
Score: 87
This pyramid is oddly colored, but has a nice shine. The draw is inconsistent and the burn uneven. Grassy, rustic flavors develop after a slow start. It has a sweet-wood finish. Medium bodied.

Issue: Dec 01, 2001
Score: 85
A good looking figurado, with a nicely finished tip. The smoke is strong, creamy and cedary, with some weedy notes.

Issue: Oct 01, 2001
Score: 88
A pyramid with a lovely wrapper. It draws well, and the smoke is peppery, loamy and slightly sweet. Medium bodied.

Issue: Jun 01, 2001
Score: 88
A box-pressed torpedo with a nicely formed head. It burns beautifully. The cigar is strong and woody, with notes of coffee and chocolate.

Issue: Nov 01, 2000
Score: 89
A pale wrapper, but a good cap on this cigar. It's herbal and woody, with chalky, earthy notes. Some inconsistency was noted on the draw.

Issue: Oct 01, 1999
Score: 88
Excellent smoking cigar. Great looking wrapper. It has plenty of cocoa bean and spice flavors. But there is extreme youth in the cigar that holds it back; it may improve.

Issue: Mar 01, 1998
Score: 88
A medium bodied cigar. It has a good spicy character, with a complex woody finish.

Issue: Mar 01, 1998
Score: 92
This wrapper is nearly black, and full of oils. The torpedo is well made, with a spicy, pepper flavor complemented by a strong leathery finish. An earthy, powerful smoke. One of Cuba's best torpedos.

Issue: Jan 01, 1970
Score: 94

Issue: Jan 01, 1970
Score: 92
We've long been fans of H. Upmann No. 2s, even if the typical cigar smoker tends to overlook the lovely pirámide for other cigars. One of the fine things about the H. Upmann brand is its small size. Many of Cuba's biggest cigar brands—Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo—are too large in production to be made in only one place, but all H. Upmanns are rolled at the H. Upmann Factory, which is now located in the building that once was the old Romeo y Julieta Factory. José Miguel Barzaga Maceo is the factory manager, ensuring quality control over the smokes. We found this H. Upmann No. 2 well made with consistently even combustion. It began with light tea notes and woody intonations, but became heavier as we puffed it, finishing with great notes of chocolate, nuts and some black pepper.

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