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Ramon Allones


There is firmness to the draw of this large cigar, but a lot of complexity, as coconut and almond notes are balanced by dried orange peel and earthy flavors with each puff.

Additional tasting notes for Ramon Allones

Issue: Jun 01, 2013
Score: 94
Balanced and complex from the first puff with a distinct core of coffee bean flavor that is finessed by notes of caramel, nuts and earth. Flavors become more refined as the cigar progresses.

Issue: Apr 01, 2012
Score: 90
Softly pressed with rounded edges and a flat head. An overly earthy start eventually leaqves nutty, floral impressions that are slightly sweet with graham cracker, however an underlying earthiness remains.

Issue: Apr 27, 2010
Score: 92
An exemplary double corona with the perfect amount of resistance on the draw. There is a flavorful and balanced interplay of rich, sweet, nutty flavors, tea notes and cocoa.

Issue: Jun 01, 2008
Score: 92
Pretty and plush exterior with an essentially woody flavor core once it's lit. Leather and coffee bean impressions emerge on the palate as well before a long, spicy, chewy finish. Rich and balanced.

Issue: Feb 01, 2007
Score: 90
This large cigar is nearly perfect in appearance .It has a smooth flavor with a creamy, spicy quality. There are hints of coffee and cocoa. Medium to full bodied.

Issue: Feb 01, 2005
Score: 88
This cigar has a firm draw. It’s toasty, earthy and wheaty, with some sweetness, but it lacks depth. Medium bodied.

Issue: Mar 01, 1995
Score: 94
This cigar has a smooth, creamy texture with strong pepper and spice notes and a sweet, intense, nutty character on the finish.

Issue: Dec 01, 1992
Score: 92
This is a full-bodied cigar with decadent aromas and flavors. Superb.

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