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A gorgeous Churchill with a tawny wrapper and neat cap though it burns crookedly. Primary flavors of leather and earth are complemented by coffee bean.

Additional tasting notes for Cohiba

Issue: Jan 01, 2015
Score: 93
The Cohiba brand is one of the best-known cigar brands in the world, and the big, stately Esplendido is one of its most familiar sizes. Created in 1989 as part of the Línea Clásica series (along with the chunky Robusto and diminutive Exquisito), The Churchill-sized smoke packs a considerable punch, and at its best it showcases a level of power and complexity that is hard to find anywhere else. Recent production Cohiba Esplendidos show off rich, full-bodied flavors, such as salted caramel, black cherry and baked apple. The cigars, which were once made only at the small El Laguito Factory, are now so popular that they are produced in many factories, making consistent performance somewhat of a problem.

Issue: Dec 01, 2014
Score: 94
The rich smoke of this beautiful Churchill layers the palate with profoundly sophisticated notes of salted caramel, black cherry and baked apple. Full bodied and elegant.

Issue: Feb 01, 2014
Score: 88
There's some resistance on the draw of this Churchill, which is woody and floral in character, though the finish tastes perfumed.

Issue: Feb 01, 2013
Score: 90
Toasty, rich and malty, this flavorful Churchill has definitive notes of cedar as well, though the draw is a bit firm.

Issue: Apr 01, 2012
Score: 92
There's a bit of resistance to the draw of this golden Churchill, but it still imparts a creamy, toasty smoke laden with marzipan, almonds and cedar flavor.

Issue: Mar 08, 2011
Score: 91
A gorgeous Churchill with a tawny wrapper and neat cap thought tit burns crookedly. Primary flavors of leather and earth are complemented by coffee bean.

Issue: Jun 01, 2010
Score: 88
Veiny, streaky and solidly rolled but the draw is notably firm. A leathery tasting smoke rounded out by woody notes and minerals.

Issue: Jun 01, 2009
Score: 92
An attractive, oily cigar with model construction. The burn and draw are even and the smoke communicates profound notes of leather, cocoa and cedar that culminate to a sweet and spicy finish. Very sophisticated tobacco.

Issue: Aug 01, 2007
Score: 94
Gorgeous and beautifully textured, this dark, oily cigar starts with a balanced, cohesive core of leather and pepper flavors that become increasingly complex taking on toasted almond and cedar notes. A very rich, full-bodied smoke.

Issue: Feb 01, 2006
Score: 90
Toothy and attractive, with a fine draw. The cigar has a sweet aroma as it burns. It’s creamy, woody and chocolaty, with a nice texture to the smoke. Medium to full bodied.

Issue: Aug 01, 2004
Score: 87
Good color to this cigar, which draws and burns well. It has a medium body, with flavors of cedar, toast and leather, but it could be more complex.

Issue: Feb 01, 2004
Score: 87
This attractive, golden Churchill lacks complexity. Medium-bodied Flavors are cedary, and the finish is short.

Issue: Jun 01, 2003
Score: 93
Nicely made, with a three-seam cap, this cigar has an easy draw and a pleasant aroma. Smooth, rich flavors abound, from leather to cedar and coffee bean to pepper. It's medium to full in body, with a long finish.

Issue: Aug 01, 2002
Score: 86
Solid but pale, this cigar is mild, sweet and grassy with a medium-bodied character. It has a tight draw. Surprising.

Issue: Apr 01, 2002
Score: 87
Nicely made, with a wonderful cap, this oily cigar has a firm draw. It's sweet, simple and woody, with some balsa notes.

Issue: Jun 01, 2001
Score: 87
A wrinkly, brown cigar with a nice draw. The smoke is complex—spicy, woody, chocolatey and earthy. A medium to full-bodied cigar that smokes much better than it looks.

Issue: Oct 01, 2000
Score: 90
A beautiful if veiny wrapper. It has a perfect draw and burn, showing rich, toasty notes of leather, earth and cedar. It's semi-sweet, with a medium body.

Issue: Jun 01, 2000
Score: 86
An oily, solid cigar. It has a tight draw, but it burns well. The smoke has peppery notes marred by sour, vegetal flavors. The cigar tastes a bit young.

Issue: Feb 01, 1999
Score: 91
A powerful, full-bodied cigar. It has great reddish brown wrapper, and is well-made. It is smooth tasting with sweet, peppery character, and flavors of coffee and cocoa beans.

Issue: Feb 01, 1999
Score: 89
Beautiful shape, shine and shade. It begins as a toasty, medium-bodied cigar, and improves as it's smoked.

Issue: Sep 01, 1998
Score: 91
Chocolate brown and oily, this well-made cigar has hints of coffee and cocoa, with a cedary finish. Medium-bodied.

Issue: Jan 01, 1998
Score: 90
There is a definite note of aged cedar taste on this cigar, with a solid core of spice flavors on the palate. It has a woody finish.

Issue: Sep 01, 1995
Score: 89
A full-bodied cigar with black cherry-like notes, and a woody spiciness on the palate. A firm, almost tough draw.

Issue: Sep 01, 1993
Score: 90
An elegant cigar with a tendency toward as tight draw, but filled with perfectly balanced mild flavors of cedar and nuts and an overall flowery character. But this score reflects some inconsistency; in the Premier Issue, it received 98 points.

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