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News & Features : Celebrities

Jack of Diamonds

After winning his first World Series last year, 73-year-old Jack McKeon looks forward to another season of success and cigars with the Marlins.

Posted: April 1, 2004    By Kenneth Shouler

News & Features : Celebrities

The Reluctant Star

Actor Andy Garcia chooses roles that rouse his passions and cement his reputation as one of Hollywood's most likable nonconformists.

Posted: April 1, 2004    By Gordon Mott

News & Features : Celebrities

Hail To The Chef

Whether he's in the kitchen or with a cigar, Charlie Palmer is always creating recipes and ideas for his restaurant empire.

Posted: February 1, 2004    By Mervyn Rothstein

News & Features : Celebrities

The Ultimate Caan

Despite a tumultuous career and personal life, actor James Caan stays true to his ideals—and his friends.

Posted: February 1, 2004    By Betsy Model

News & Features : Celebrities

Grudge Match—Tyson vs. King

The former heavyweight champion of the world and the world's most notorious boxing promoter are battling in court over millions of dollars.

Posted: February 1, 2004    By Geoffrey Gray

News & Features : Celebrities

For Love & Jazz

Cuban trumpeter Arturo Sandoval is living freedom's dream in front of audiences around the world.

Posted: December 1, 2003    By Gordon Mott

News & Features : Celebrities

General Tommy Franks

Marvin R. Shanken conducts an exclusive interview with America's top general in the war on terrorism.

Posted: December 1, 2003    By Marvin R. Shanken

News & Features : Celebrities

From Cigars to the Big League

Born in the shadow of a cigar factory, baseball star Tino Martinez remains close to America's traditional capital of cigar making.

Posted: August 1, 2003    By David Savona

News & Features : Celebrities

Return of the Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about T3, politics and his desire to give something back to America.

Posted: August 1, 2003    By Paul Chutkow

News & Features : Celebrities

The Supermodels of Cuba

An elite group of Cuban high-fashion models are gracing magazine covers and appearing in commercials around the world.

Posted: June 1, 2003   

News & Features : Celebrities

The Hardest-Working Girl in Sports

Lisa Guerrero, of Fox Sports Net, will debate all comers on zone defense versus man-to-man, while puffing on her favorite cigar.

Posted: June 1, 2003    By Joel Drucker

News & Features : Celebrities

The Unmaking of a Dynasty

Dreaming of a global media company and driven by blind ambition, Edgar Bronfman Jr. shed the crown jewels of his grandfather's empire and nearly destroyed the family fortune.

Posted: April 1, 2003    By Brian Milner

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