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The Good Life

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The Good Life

Locke-Ober, Boston

You travel back in time when you walk into Locke-Ober. This venerable Boston landmark has maintained a reputation for elegant continental cuisine and...more

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Mat Schaffer

The Good Life

The Capital Grille, Washington, D.C.

When The Capital Grille opened its thick, bevel-edged glass doors last November, the Republicans were reclaiming Congress for the first time in...more

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Ben Giliberti

The Good Life

The Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida

The Biltmore Hotel rises from the verdant flames of Coral Gables like a mirage, a towering fortress standing firm against the hurrying subtropical...more

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Jeff Williams

The Good Life

Le Grand V'efour, Paris

It is perhaps the most beautiful restaurant in Paris; it is also one of the oldest. Napoleon dined there with his Josephine, Jean-Paul Sartre with...more

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Mervyn Rothstein

The Good Life

Hotel Bela Vista, Macau

For the two centuries before the British set foot in Asia, the Portuguese colony of Macau was Europe's gateway to China. But with the establishment...more

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Marc A. Thiessen

The Good Life

Fairmont Hotel, Chicago

Good hotels convey a distinctive character to their guests. Some have Old World charm. Some are homey. Some project a twenty-first century, hi-tech...more

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Gordon Mott

The Good Life

La Mamounia, Marrakech, Morocca

Any property that welcomed Winston Churchill as a cherished guest has to appreciate the cigar smoker. La Mamounia in Marrakech, the jewel in the...more

Posted: September 1, 1995    By Florence Fabricant

The Good Life

Havana '59, Richmond, Virginia

It's not an exaggeration to say that Havana '59 is a revolutionary restaurant. Its atmosphere recalls and celebrates the heady first year of the...more

Posted: September 1, 1995    By Jody Rathgeb

The Good Life

The Dorchester, London

All luxury hotels have luxury in common. Where they differ is in their style. The Dorchester, built in the 1930s at the lower end of Park Lane, is a...more

Posted: September 1, 1995    By Stephen Brook

The Good Life

L'Esperance, St.-Pere-Sous-Vezelay, France

If there is a richer, more voluptuous bite of food anywhere on the planet than Marc Meneau's cromesqui, I have yet to taste it. To make cromesquis,...more

Posted: September 1, 1995    By David Shaw

The Good Life

Quaglino's, London

Quaglino's restaurant in London's West End has not always been everyone's favorite restaurant. Some say it's too glitzy and impersonal. But the...more

Posted: September 1, 1995    By James Suckling

The Good Life

Amandari, Kedewatan, Bali

There is no more sublime a place to begin a discovery of Bali's innocence and beauty than at a small hotel in the village of Kedewatan, called...more

Posted: September 1, 1995    By Clint Fitch

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