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Blogs : James Suckling

London Smoking

I froze my ass off last night in London just to smoke a cigar with my good friends Jemma Freeman and Simon Chase, both of Hunters & Frankau, the...more

Posted: May 16, 2008   

Blogs : David Savona

Smoke For Derby Day

There’s just something special about firing up a great cigar (or two) on Derby Day. This year, my wife and I celebrated in style with a great group...more

Posted: May 12, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : James Suckling

Cuban Cigar Sting in L.A.

It is surprisingly easy to get Cuban cigars on the West Coast, especially Los Angeles. I was jonesing for a Cuban the other night in Los Angeles and...more

Posted: May 7, 2008   

Blogs : Jack Bettridge

The Sounds of Silence

Sunday night was my first great chance of the spring to blow smoke on my new deck. Perfect weather. A day of yard work behind me. It’s a school...more

Posted: May 6, 2008    By Jack Bettridge

Blogs : Gordon Mott

Opening Day

The day finally arrived--opening day at my country club. It wasn’t the best of weather on Saturday; the day dawned cold, cloudy and with light rain...more

Posted: May 5, 2008    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : David Savona

Better With Age

James Suckling was in town this week, so Monday night we headed out to an early dinner in midtown. We ate at Benoit, a new brasserie from Alain...more

Posted: April 30, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : James Suckling

Breakfast of Champions

“Does it taste like 100 points?” asked David Savona, web tsar and senior editor of Cigar Aficionado. “Good question,” I responded as I smoked...more

Posted: April 29, 2008   

Blogs : James Suckling

The Questionable Process of Purging Your Cigar

I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t know what the hell purging a cigar was until recently. I am only using “hell” because my editors would...more

Posted: April 24, 2008   

Blogs : David Savona

Loving Your Work

I had lunch the other day with Litto Gomez , who makes La Flor Dominicana cigars. We ate at Otto, part of the Mario Batali/ Joe Bastianich Italian...more

Posted: April 22, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : Gordon Mott

Night to Remember 2008

Memorable. I should write it in capital letters because Cigar Aficionado’s annual fundraiser for the Prostate Cancer Foundation was that, and a...more

Posted: April 17, 2008    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : David Savona

A Strong Smoke From Alec Bradley

It’s Night to Remember week here in New York, which means just about the entire cigar industry is coming to town. It's been a busy week. I started...more

Posted: April 16, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : James Suckling

Living My Fantasy

I am going to let you in on a little secret. I have always fantasized about working in a cigar factory in Havana. There is something so seductive...more

Posted: April 15, 2008   

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