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Blogs : Jack Bettridge

Cigars, Economics and Cardiology

The irony of my job at Cigar Aficionado and my participation on its tasting panel is that I don’t often buy cigars. I don’t have to. About the...more

Posted: July 1, 2008    By Jack Bettridge

Blogs : Gordon Mott

Charlie Sifford’s Cigar

I attended a banquet this week of the Metropolitan Golf Writers Association. There were a number of honorees, including Judy Rankin and Gary Player,...more

Posted: June 26, 2008    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : James Suckling

The Danger of Smoking Cigars

I had a nasty run-in with a Juan Lopez Selección No. 1 the other night! It was after a serious wine tasting dinner at my house with Bibi Gratez, the...more

Posted: June 25, 2008   

Blogs : David Savona

The Ultimate Personal Humidor?

I’m jealous. I recently visited what has to be the ultimate home humidor. Recently I flew to Nashville, Tennessee, to meet with the principals of...more

Posted: June 24, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : Gordon Mott

Almost Nirvana

While Dave Savona was in danger of getting blown off the beach on Saturday night, I was sitting in my dry, warm den eating burgers and potato salad,...more

Posted: June 18, 2008    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : David Savona

Caught in a Storm

I zipped up the flap on my tent, put my left arm over my young son and covered him up as best I could. The orange tent glowed from the lightning...more

Posted: June 17, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : James Suckling

A Saturday Morning Tradition in Havana

I passed through Havana over the weekend on the way back to Europe, and I thought I was looking pretty rough after a few days in Hollywood with...more

Posted: June 16, 2008   

Blogs : David Savona

I Love the Smell of Ligero in the Morning

I usually start my day with a cup of black coffee. But I recently tried a much more potent pick me up—a trio of cigars made of straight ligero,...more

Posted: June 13, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : Gordon Mott

An Old Favorite with a New Twist

I’ve said many times that one of my favorite cigars is the Don Carlos line from the A. Fuente family, especially the No. 3, a beautiful, little...more

Posted: June 12, 2008    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : James Suckling

Another Flight from Havana

Leaving Havana can be the worst experience at times. Sometimes you can take away things that you can’t smoke nor bargained for. I flew to Los...more

Posted: June 11, 2008   

Blogs : James Suckling

A Special Factory for Special Cigars in Havana

I thought I was going to the Partagas Factory on Friday but I was told it was closed. So I ended up hanging with some friends and smoking some cigars...more

Posted: June 9, 2008   

Blogs : James Suckling

A Message for America

Manuel Garcia, the commercial director for Habanos SA., the global marketing and distribution organization for Cuban cigars, probably knows more...more

Posted: June 6, 2008   

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