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Blogs : Gordon Mott

Canadian Smoking

My family and I took our annual pilgrimage to the Canadian Rockies in July. Five days of hiking in backcountry is good for the soul,  even if it...more

Posted: August 4, 2008    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : David Savona

A Pleasant Surprise From the Trade Show

I’m back in the office after the IPCPR trade show (and a little vacation), and I sat down today and went through my huge Humidipak bag that I had...more

Posted: July 30, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : Jack Bettridge

Cigar Lounge Etiquette Primer

About the only good that has come from the recent rounds of anti-smoking legislation has been the boon it has been for cigar retailers. Because most...more

Posted: July 25, 2008    By Jack Bettridge

Blogs : Gordon Mott

A July 4th to Remember

I was away from the office during the first part of July, and for much of the time, almost off the grid in the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies...more

Posted: July 24, 2008    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : David Savona

A Long Awaited Favorite Debuts at IPCPR

I remember when Ernesto Perez-Carrillo first told me about his La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami. I’m pretty sure it was in New York at Cigar...more

Posted: July 21, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : Gordon Mott

The Golden Age of Cigars

I got back this week too from IPCPR, or what we now refer to as the cigar retailer trade show, in Las Vegas. James Suckling and Dave Savona have done...more

Posted: July 18, 2008    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : David Savona

A Lovely Fuente and Other New Cigars

I know it won’t be easy to get sympathy here, but sometimes I have a hard job. And my job is never tougher than when it comes time to get info on...more

Posted: July 17, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : James Suckling

Last Night's Real Cigar Convention in Vegas

The day was long and smoky yesterday during the cigar show in Vegas. My eyes felt like someone threw sand in them by the end of the day. But it’s...more

Posted: July 16, 2008   

Blogs : James Suckling

Playboy Bunnies and Ballsy Smokes

A lot of the action during the cigar show in Las Vegas happens after the convention hall is locked shut. Most of the top cigar companies host dinners...more

Posted: July 15, 2008   

Blogs : David Savona

Monday at IPCPR

The International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers trade show began today at 10 a.m., and I’ve been smoking since opening bell. I have a notebook...more

Posted: July 14, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : James Suckling

Great Start To Whatever It Is

We had a warm up dinner for the cigar show in Las Vegas at Bouchon Restaurant in the Venetian. There were about two dozen cigar producers standing...more

Posted: July 14, 2008   

Blogs : David Savona

Trade Show Blog—First Smokes

First things first—I keep calling this IPCPR trade show by its old name, RTDA, so from now on I’m just going to say “trade show.” Problem...more

Posted: July 14, 2008    By David Savona

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