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Blogs : David Savona

A New Miami Smoking Spot

Last week I dropped in on Ernesto Padilla. I’ve always enjoyed Ernesto’s smokes (his Padilla 1932 La Perla is my go-to short cigar) and I needed...more

Posted: January 20, 2009    By David Savona

Blogs : David Savona

Keeping a Secret From Pepin

Yesterday in Miami I stopped at El Rey de los Habanos Inc., the tiny Little Havana fabrica where Pepin Garcia, his family, and 11 cigar rollers make...more

Posted: January 17, 2009    By David Savona

Blogs : David Savona

Sitting Down at Oliva Cigar Co.

I flew into Miami this morning, leaving New York’s LaGuardia at the crack of dawn, just as an Alberta clipper was moving into town with some...more

Posted: January 15, 2009    By David Savona

Blogs : Gordon Mott

The Top 25

Casa Magna! I know you're all surprised. We were too after our initial round of Top 25 tastings. And, then, that cigar just kept holding its spot...more

Posted: January 9, 2009    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : Gordon Mott

Taking a Break

I’m sitting here back at my desk after being away for nearly two weeks. It was a glorious holiday season with lots of time spent among family and...more

Posted: January 6, 2009    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : James Suckling

Winter's Dilemma

Happy New Year. I have been spending a little over a week in Southern California and I have not had a cigar the whole time. I am Jonesing for one...more

Posted: January 5, 2009   

Blogs : David Savona

Happy Holidays

There’s snow on the ground, the New York Giants are in the playoffs, and the family is gathering for holiday meals. It’s hard to top this time of...more

Posted: December 23, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : Gordon Mott

Sinking In

It has taken a few days for this news to sink in. I had drinks with a Mexican friend, Max Gutmann, who among his many businesses, owns the Casa del...more

Posted: December 15, 2008    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : David Savona

The Holiday Football Game

Every year around this time, I get together with a bunch of buddies from the neighborhood and we beat the tar out of one another. It’s a...more

Posted: December 9, 2008    By David Savona

Blogs : James Suckling

Dancing with the Devil?

I was afraid to smoke. I wasn't sure how I would feel, or if it would leave some lasting effect. But I was sort of edgy when the Partagas Serie D No....more

Posted: December 8, 2008   

Blogs : Jack Bettridge

Drink Up! Prohibition Is (Mostly) Over

Let’s all raise our glasses to the end of Prohibition and a return to good cheer. Seventy-five years ago today, Prohibition, the so-called Noble...more

Posted: December 5, 2008    By Jack Bettridge

Blogs : Gordon Mott

Fabulous New Cigar Shop

Wow! That’s all I can say about the new Cigar Inn on Second Avenue, between 53rd and 54th Streets in New York City. Gus and Billy Fakih, who also...more

Posted: December 2, 2008    By Gordon Mott

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