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Blogs : Jack Bettridge

Oh, Those French

As the world looks to France to see the French Open tennis tournament played out on the clay courts of Roland Garros, the good news seems to be that...more

Posted: June 3, 2009    By Jack Bettridge

Blogs : Gordon Mott

Holding Back

It’s been a rough few weeks. I came down with one of the worst head colds that I’ve had a long time, and then I gave it to my wife—oh, yeah, I...more

Posted: June 2, 2009    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : David Savona

A Smoke With Rocky

On Saturday afternoon I dropped by the Cigar Inn on Second Avenue in New York City to see Rocky Patel. He was there for the entire day, greeting...more

Posted: June 1, 2009    By David Savona

Blogs : Jack Bettridge

A Song For Smoking

Remember protest songs? They have a fine tradition that stretches back for centuries of using music as a means of dissent whenever and wherever...more

Posted: May 29, 2009    By Jack Bettridge

Blogs : David Savona

Memorial Day

What a great weekend. I swam, I fished, I barbecued and I had an extremely relaxing time. I think I spent all of ten minutes inside. The highlight...more

Posted: May 26, 2009    By David Savona

Blogs : Jack Bettridge

How The Nanny State Is Destroying My Brain

Before the legislatures of New York (where I work) and Connecticut (where I live) decided without consulting me that it was a good idea to limit the...more

Posted: May 25, 2009    By Jack Bettridge

Blogs : James Suckling

Sometimes They Get it Right

I hung out with a cigar buddy of mine in Chicago last week when I was in the Windy City for Wine Spectator¹s Grand Tour, a super wine tasting event...more

Posted: May 22, 2009   

Blogs : David Savona

Notes from Don Carlos

Details are key in the magazine business, and sometimes one word can hold you up for hours. I’m not talking about a frustrated writer hunched over...more

Posted: May 21, 2009    By David Savona

Blogs : Jack Bettridge

Brews For All Seasons

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but this month hasn’t been very May like in the New York area. Rain, cloudy skies and temps that...more

Posted: May 18, 2009    By Jack Bettridge

Blogs : David Savona

Derby Day

Memorial Day might be the traditional kickoff for outdoor activities for most people in America, but the Kentucky Derby is my personal clarion call...more

Posted: May 6, 2009    By David Savona

Blogs : Gordon Mott

Opening Day

The hand signals across the crowded dining room were unmistakable. Two fingers held up to my friends’ lips—the gesture that clearly asked, “Are...more

Posted: May 4, 2009    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : Jack Bettridge

Derby Day Picks

I always get a lot of calls during Derby Week asking for my picks, and this year among my top contenders is a controversial choice: Colorado.  No,...more

Posted: May 1, 2009    By Jack Bettridge

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