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The Good Life

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The Good Life

Fourways, Paget, Bermuda

When John Harvey, of the Bristol Cream family, built Fourways in 1727, his Bermuda home quickly gained a reputation for extravagant dinner parties,...more

Posted: November 1, 1997    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life

Puro Chile, Santiago, Chile

By now, just about everybody has heard that Chile is the success story of Latin America. Its economy has been in continuous boom for a dozen years....more

Posted: September 1, 1997    By Jonathan Kandell

The Good Life

The Wild Boar, Nashville

When you walk through the door of The Wild Boar, your first impression is that of a museum. An eclectic collection of items, such as...more

Posted: September 1, 1997    By Thayer Wine

The Good Life

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort, San Antonio, Texas

Out of the car's rear-view mirror, the tall buildings of San Antonio's downtown fade into the dusk and the neon glows from malls and shopping centers...more

Posted: September 1, 1997    By Gordon Mott

The Good Life

Hotel Excelsior, Florence, Italy

Florence offers its visitors great art, great shopping, great vistas and great food. And it boasts at least one great hotel--the Hotel Excelsior. At...more

Posted: September 1, 1997    By Joshua Shapiro

The Good Life

Sam & Harry's, Washington, D.C.

Do not call to make a reservation and then ask if Sam or Harry will be in that night. They are present every night, in a painting of jazz musicians...more

Posted: September 1, 1997    By Alejandro Benes

The Good Life

Anthony's Pier 4, Boston

The warm foyer is bustling on a Saturday night. A small moat separates the entrance from the vast dining room, and diners must walk across a small...more

Posted: July 1, 1997    By David Savona

The Good Life

Patroon, New York City

The power dining scene in New York rarely shifts. The Regency Hotel for breakfast, the Four Seasons restaurant for lunch, The '21' Club for dinner...more

Posted: July 1, 1997    By Gordon Mott

The Good Life

Delano, Miami Beach, Florida

I've seen it all," says Matthew Green, an assistant manager at the Delano hotel on Miami's South Beach. "Oprah, Madonna, Calvin Klein, you name it."...more

Posted: July 1, 1997    By Ted Loos

The Good Life

Angelo and Maxie's Steakhouse, New York City

To gauge the cigar friendliness of Angelo and Maxie's Steakhouse, you need look no farther than inside the front door. There, you'll find an outlet...more

Posted: May 1, 1997    By Terrence Fagan

The Good Life

Pied a Terre, London

Two men had just finished their meal in the dining room of one of London's most chic and intimate restaurants. They were drinking espressos and...more

Posted: May 1, 1997    By James Suckling

The Good Life

El San Juan Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico

There may be no lobby more grand, more beckoning, more exciting than the lobby of El San Juan. After check-in you might well find yourself just...more

Posted: May 1, 1997    By Jeff Williams

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