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The Good Life : Drinks

Gin and Gems—Bombay Sapphire's Dramatic Decanter

The Bombay Sapphire Revelation Decanter It shone with the glory of God and its brilliance was like that of a very precious jewel. The foundations of...more

Posted: April 30, 2008    By Gregory Mottola

The Good Life : Drinks

Gin and Tonic

Watching sparkling bubbles ascend the glass through luxuriant icy clouds to effervesce in tiny explosions at the drink's surface next to a floating...more

Posted: September 27, 2007    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Cognac and Ginger?

Ever consider mixing Cognac and ginger? Neither had we before the creation of Canton, the ginger-infused liqueur from Maurice Cooper & Cie. The new...more

Posted: September 6, 2007    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Irish Coffee

Looking for that perfect mixture to keep you up even while you indulge in St. Patrick's Day festivities? Then yours is Irish coffee. The intriguing...more

Posted: April 1, 2007    By Michael Marsh

The Good Life : Drinks

Holiday Punch

Today's mixologists crow that ours is "The Cocktail Culture" and offer the many recent variations of the supposedly seminal Martini as proof. With...more

Posted: December 1, 2006    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Vodka Revisited: Two That We Missed

(Editor's note: August 2006 issue of Cigar Aficionado contains a feature on vodka by Jack Bettridge. The following article covers two emerging vodkas...more

Posted: August 14, 2006    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

The Gin Martini

It's not the original cocktail, nor the latest thing, but the Gin Martini, like a crisp tuxedo, will always be the classic. No other drink blends...more

Posted: December 1, 2005    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Ultimate Daiquiris

It is the simplest of drinks—rum, lime juice, simple syrup, shaken with rocks and strained—and yet the Daiquiri is always being complicated....more

Posted: August 1, 2005    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

The Cachaça Samba

A cachaça lineup. Pop Quiz: cachaça is: A) The national drink of the Brazilian peasantry; B) Rum's coarse and fiery cousin; C) The main ingredient...more

Posted: June 2, 2005    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

The Perfect Margarita

Brash, hot and tempestuous, Tequila doesn't sound like a drink that will deliver the keys to paradise when the summer sun beats down, but put it in a...more

Posted: August 1, 2004    By Ryan Isaac

The Good Life : Drinks

All Drink to the Venerable Egg Nog

Though it's a drink you rarely think of 11 months of the year, there are a couple of reasons to do so. At the risk of upsetting Virginia: Egg Nog has...more

Posted: December 22, 2003    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

An Armagnac You Can't Refuse

If you're Tony Soprano, you may be laboring under the mistaken impression that "Armagnac is the next vodka." But those in the know realize that...more

Posted: October 25, 2002    By Jack Bettridge

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