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The Good Life : Drinks

Distillers' Masterpiece

May's most exciting two minutes -- the Kentucky Derby -- bring two decisions each year: which horse to bet and which Bourbon to drink? While it's...more

Posted: June 1, 2003    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Hennessy Paradis Extra

Time travel is a rare job perquisite, but it's one that Yann Fillioux, a seventh-generation master blender of Hennessy Cognac, enjoys when he makes...more

Posted: April 1, 2003    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Straight From The Barrel: Two Tempting Taliskers and A New Oban

Alistair Robertson, the distillery manager for Talisker on western Scotland's remote Isle of Skye, may be out of his element in New York City, but he...more

Posted: February 27, 2003    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

The Great Divide

Vintners in western Washington aren't letting faraway vineyards stop them from crafting fabulous wines

Posted: February 1, 2003    By Bruce Schoenfeld

The Good Life : Drinks

The Glenlivet 1959 Limited Edition

You may dread your own 40th birthday, but a single-malt Scotch, treated right for better than four decades, turns out to be nothing to fear. At least...more

Posted: February 1, 2003    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Bollinger's Brut Grande Année 1995

If you think a wine's first duty is to be red or that Champagne is all fluff, only to be poured for a toast or celebration, Bollinger's Brut Grande...more

Posted: December 1, 2002    By Bruce Sanderson

The Good Life : Drinks

An Armagnac You Can't Refuse

If you're Tony Soprano, you may be laboring under the mistaken impression that "Armagnac is the next vodka." But those in the know realize that...more

Posted: October 25, 2002    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

The Burgundian Model

When it comes to California Chardonnays, the vineyard can make all the difference

Posted: October 1, 2002    By Bruce Schoenfeld

The Good Life : Drinks

2000 Léoville Las Cases

If you haven't heard about Bordeaux's 2000 vintage, then you probably don't drink wine. The year matched the symbolic appeal of the millennium by...more

Posted: October 1, 2002   

The Good Life : Drinks

A Regal Blend

If you were stuck for the perfect gift to celebrate the fast approaching 50th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, look no more....more

Posted: September 20, 2002    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Shafer Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Shafer Vineyards' Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon emerged as one of the stars of the past decade, with a string of enormously complex, plush and...more

Posted: August 1, 2002    By James Laube

The Good Life : Drinks


One of the hottest wines from Italy is a pure Merlot produced on the west coast of Tuscany, near the town of Bolgheri, on the wine estate of Tenuta...more

Posted: June 1, 2002   

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