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News & Features

America's Palio

The Soul of Horse Racing Has Been Preserved at Lexington, Kentucky's Keeneland Racetrack

Posted: September 1, 1995    By Richard Lerner

News & Features

A Horse Named Cigar

A Thoroughbred Named Cigar is on Track for "Horse of the Year"

Posted: June 1, 1995    By Mark Vaughan

News & Features

Keeping 'em Lit

It can stop a bullet, clip a cigar, open a door, tell you the time, sign a check and, by the way, light a Cohiba. "It," of course, is the...more

Posted: June 1, 1995    By Nancy Wolfson

News & Features

Smoke: The Movie

A Neighborhood Smoke Shop--and the Folks Who Hang Out There--Become the Stuff That Movies Are Made Of

Posted: June 1, 1995    By Joe Dziemianowicz

News & Features

World-Class Art

Thomas Hoving Picks a Collection of American Artists Who May Be the Picassos and Monets of the 21st Century

Posted: June 1, 1995    By Thomas Hoving

News & Features

The ABCs of Coffee

The Search for a Great Cup of Coffee Must Consider the Type of Bean, The Country of Origin and the Roast

Posted: June 1, 1995    By Sam Gugino

News & Features

Shooting for Fun

The Exotic World of Sporting Clays Offers Outdoor Settings to Test Your Shooting Skills

Posted: June 1, 1995    By Ross Seyfried

News & Features

Betting the Super Bowl

From Super Bowls to the World Cup, Michael "Roxy" Roxborough Makes the Odds for Las Vegas--and the World

Posted: June 1, 1995    By Michael Konik

News & Features

Humidors: Savinelli and Davidoff

Savinelli and Davidoff Produce Top-Quality Humidors at Opposite Ends of the Price Spectrum

Posted: June 1, 1995    By Shandana A. Durrani

News & Features

Hi-Tech Suits

High-Tech Manufacturing has Transformed Modern Fabrics into Lightweight Cloth for Everyday Wear

Posted: June 1, 1995    By G. Bruce Boyer

News & Features

Great Moments: Rally in the Park

Cigar Lovers from Around the World Gathered for a Historic Smoke in Front of the White House

Posted: June 1, 1995    By Gordon Mott

News & Features

Cigars and the Comics

P. Martin Shoemaker, a bird of indeterminate species but impeccable taste, puffs on his cigar while typing his newspaper column, "The Cigar Corner...more

Posted: June 1, 1995    By Neil A. Grauer

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