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News & Features

Young Aficionados

Cigar Smoking Is Hot with the Twentysomething Crowd, Which Agrees: It Is More Than a Fad

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Paul Chutkow

News & Features

Nights to Remember: A Hollywood Celebration

The stars came out in Hollywood on Monday, October 16, to honor Marvin R. Shanken, the editor and publisher of Cigar Aficionado magazine. The event,...more

Posted: December 1, 1995   

News & Features

The Treasure Hunters

Before You Invest in a Search for Sunken Treasure, Find Out What You Are Diving Into

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Montieth M. Illingworth

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A Captain's Berth

Buying or Building Your Own Yacht is a Risky Venture that Requires Long Months of Investigation

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Edward Kiersh

News & Features

Speakeasies for Cigar Smokers

As Almost Everyone Knows, Smokers of Fine Cigars Are Renowned for Their Creativity, Their Generosity and Their Perseverance

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Gay Talese

News & Features

Cigars, Cutthroats and Cycles

The seven men formed a shadowy circle amid the dense pine trees in the Idaho high country, faces profiled by the campfire, minds lulled by the...more

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Bob Rivard

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High Speed Dreams

Cigar Aficionado's Contributing Editor Drives One of the World's Hottest Race Cars--and Survives

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Michael Konik

News & Features

Golfing in Paradise

Mexico's Baja Peninsula Provides Challenging Courses with Incredible Vistas

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Lorne Rubenstein

News & Features

Heavenly Strings

For Centuries, Experts Have Struggled--Unsuccessfully--To Duplicate the Perfection of Antonio Stradivari's Violins

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Neil A. Grauer

News & Features

Tailors in the Office

How to Buy a Wardrobe without Leaving the Workplace

Posted: December 1, 1995    By G. Bruce Boyer

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Diamonds in the Rough

They Are Forever and a Girl's Best Friend; Here Is How to Tell the Gems from the Junk

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Ettagale Blauer

News & Features

The Man Who Created Cohiba

It was just another visit to a cigar store in Havana. The newly constructed shop in the Comodoro hotel, one of the city's premier hotels, was...more

Posted: September 1, 1995    By James Suckling

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