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Havana Corner: A Cuban Icon Is Gone

Cuba just won't be the same without guitar maestro Compay Segundo, who died Sunday night in Havana. The 95-year-old was an icon to the island -- a...more

Posted: July 15, 2003   


Havana Corner: Limitada Tasting

European editor James Suckling recently rated three of the new Edición Limitada cigars from Cuba, which have just gone on sale. His review was ready...more

Posted: July 10, 2003   


Havana Corner: More Manly Cigars From Havana

You had better like giant Cuban cigars, because I was amazed to see hundreds of Salomones on the workbenches of cigar rollers at the Partagas factory...more

Posted: June 24, 2003   


Havana Corner: Cuba's Newest

The Cohiba Siglo VI is finally hitting the markets this week, as well as three of Cuba's new Limitada 2003. The United Kingdom is one of the first...more

Posted: June 2, 2003   


Havana Corner: Customs and Counterfeits

U.S. Customs guys get a bad rap. They are not all voraciously against anyone going to Cuba or anticipating with glee the opportunity to destroy all...more

Posted: May 16, 2003   


Havana Corner: Cuba's 21st-Century Factories

Reprinted from the April 2003 Issue of Cigar Aficionado

Posted: May 8, 2003   


Havana Corner: Keep The Limitadas Coming

Cuba's Edición Limitadas keep rolling off the cigar benches of the Partagas and H. Upmann factories in Havana, and in a few weeks five new sizes...more

Posted: April 25, 2003   


Havana Corner: Hot Nights, Cool Days in Havana

Relaxed and cool is the best way to describe this year's cigar festival in Havana, when Cuba's capital was full of cigar lovers from all over the...more

Posted: March 11, 2003   


Havana Corner: Sexy Serie C No. 1 from Partagas

If there is a downturn in the demand for Cuban cigars in the market, then someone has forgotten to tell the management of the Partagas factory in...more

Posted: February 10, 2003   


The Exodus

When Fidel Castro threw Cuba's cigarmakers out of their factories, he unwittingly re-created an industry

Posted: December 1, 2002    By David Savona


A New Era for Cuban Cigars?

Recent improvements have occured throughout Cuba's cigar industry

Posted: December 1, 2002    By James Suckling


Brand Awareness

So how is it that for almost every classic Cuban brand, a cigar made outside of Cuba shares its name? In most cases, it happened because a cigarmaker...more

Posted: December 1, 2002    By David Savona

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