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News & Features : Celebrities

Tall Tower, Full Power

Cigar at the ready, CBS News Abnchor Dan Rather battles it out in the TV news wars.

Posted: June 30, 1996    By Alejandro Benes

News & Features : Celebrities

Fatale Attraction: Anne Archer

Actress Anne Archer has it all: elegance, sophistication, wit, a wonderful family, and a taste for fine cigars.

Posted: June 1, 1996    By Paul Chutkow

News & Features : Celebrities

Straight Shooting

Bob Lutz, president of Chrysler, tells it like it is...all the time.

Posted: May 31, 1996    By Paul A. Eisenstein

News & Features : Celebrities

Doing It His Way

Since his teen-idol days in the 1950s, Paul Anka has been setting—and defying—the musical trends.

Posted: May 31, 1996    By Joe Rhodes

News & Features : Celebrities

The World According to Arnold

Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger knows what he wants—and usually gets it.

Posted: May 31, 1996    By David Shaw

News & Features : Celebrities

The Men at the Mike

Recalling the days of sportscasting's legends—Mel Allen, Red Barber, Curt Gowdy And Others—When baseball and cigar smoke were in the air.

Posted: May 31, 1996    By Ken Shouler

News & Features : Celebrities

Rebel with a Cause

Matt Dillon Is trying to shed his angry young actor image.

Posted: April 1, 1996   

News & Features : Celebrities

A Star Returns

After years of battling rumors and bad scripts, Tom Selleck, the former Star of Magnum, P.I., is poised for a comeback.

Posted: December 31, 1995    By Mervyn Rothstein

News & Features : Celebrities

In the Trenches

NFL Hall of Famer Mean Joe Greene dreams of another Super Bowl ring, but this time with the Miami Dolphins.

Posted: December 31, 1995    By Edward Kiersh

News & Features : Celebrities

Samuel Clemens and His Cigars

Samuel Clemens, AKA Mark Twain, found his muse in great plumes of cigar smoke.

Posted: December 31, 1995    By Alejandro Benes

News & Features : Celebrities

Painting the Town

LeRoy Neiman, perhaps the best known, highest paid and most belittled artist of our time, confidently awaits history's judgment.

Posted: December 31, 1995    By Nancy Wolfson

News & Features : Celebrities

A Gentleman of History

In war or peace, Winston Churchill's cigars were never far from his hand.

Posted: September 30, 1995    By Peter Welsh

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