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News & Features : Celebrities

Powers That Be

In a life marked by one great love and a staggering loss, Stefanie Powers emerges as a woman of uncommon strength.

Posted: September 30, 1997    By Paul Chutkow

News & Features : Celebrities

Dr. Stable and Mr. Hip

Hector Elizondo may play a hospital chief of staff on TV, but in real life he's a cool cat.

Posted: September 1, 1997    By Joe Rhodes

News & Features : Celebrities

French Cinema's Reluctant Genius

Jean-Luc Godard makes incomprehensible films appreciated by tiny audiences, and he has no intention of changing.

Posted: September 1, 1997    By Scott Kraft

News & Features : Celebrities

On a High Note

Operatic supertenor Luciano Pavarotti enjoys a fine cigar.

Posted: July 31, 1997    By Nancy Wolfson

News & Features : Celebrities

Combustible Woods

An incendiary afternoon with reformed bad boy James Woods.

Posted: June 1, 1997    By Alysse Minkoff

News & Features : Celebrities

Master Of The Horn

Genius, player, teacher, jester—Dizzy Gillespie was all that jazz.

Posted: May 31, 1997    By T. Brooks Shepard

News & Features : Celebrities

Fame Jam

Making millions for NBA Stars: the high-powered world of super agents David Falk, Curtis Polk and Mike Higgins.

Posted: May 31, 1997    By Alejandro Benes

News & Features : Celebrities

King of the Q & A

What Do Clint Eastwood, Jack Kemp, Richard Nixon and the Beatles have in common? they were all interviewed by David Frost.

Posted: April 30, 1997    By Mervyn Rothstein

News & Features : Celebrities

Lord of the Rink

After 18 seasons in the NHL, Wayne Gretzky still plays hockey with passion and drive.

Posted: April 1, 1997    By Ken Shouler

News & Features : Celebrities

Cigars in the Newsroom

Cigars are a hot story with local TV newscasters.

Posted: December 31, 1996    By Alejandro Benes

News & Features : Celebrities

Driving BMW

BMW Chairman Bernd Pischetsrieder is aggressively turning the German automaker into a world player.

Posted: December 31, 1996    By Paul A. Eisenstein

News & Features : Celebrities

Shemp's Last Cigar

The original third Stooge, Shemp Howard spent the end of his career in brother Curly's shadow.

Posted: December 31, 1996    By Jim Mueller

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