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The Good Life : Drinks

First Taste of Rare, Classic Malts Selection Special Releases 2012 Whiskies

Rare is a term that gets bandied about a lot in the spirits industry. Of course, it’s a concept that drives collectability, but the question always...more

Posted: January 18, 2013    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2003 Bourbon

In an industry built on tradition, Heaven Hill Distilleries is doing its part by extending a rite first established in 1994 with the yearly edition...more

Posted: January 4, 2013    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Krug’s Crown Jewels

For centuries, the secret to taming the northern climate of France’s Champagne region and producing a balanced bubbly has been the art of the...more

Posted: December 28, 2012    By Alison Napjus

The Good Life : Drinks

The Twelve Beers of Christmas

You won't find any leaping lords or milking maids on this list. What you will find, though, are a couple of barley wines, some beers from Canada, a...more

Posted: December 21, 2012    By Andrew Nagy

The Good Life : Drinks

Angel's Envy—A Bourbon Finished in Port Casks

Big things are in the works for the little whiskey company that makes the Port-barrel-finished Angel's Envy Bourbon. According to its creator,...more

Posted: December 7, 2012    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Siberia, the Easy Way

Those of us who can remember the old days of the Soviet Union recall the notion of a trip to Siberia, brutal winters and endless sentences to slave...more

Posted: November 16, 2012    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Latest E.H. Taylor Whiskey In Stores Now

Buffalo Trace Distillery is honoring former owner E. H. Taylor Jr. with the sixth in a limited release named for the innovative distiller, a...more

Posted: November 9, 2012    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Dickel Steps in the Rye

The newest rye in the burgeoning market for spicy, brown goods is a bit of curveball: George Dickel Rye Whisky, a distiller better known for its...more

Posted: October 26, 2012    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Buy the Whole Barrel

Sure you can spend time and money hunting for trophy bottles of single malt at auction, but the biggest prize—literally—in the spirits is to buy...more

Posted: October 19, 2012    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Serendipity for Old Forester's Birthday Bourbon

On February 15, 2000, a mash-floor operator at the Brown-Forman distillery made a mistake. He put 2 percent barley malt too much in the day’s...more

Posted: October 12, 2012    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

A Sweet Cigar Pairing with Bacardi's Reserva Limited Rum

Ever had Bacardi Reserva Limitada Founder’s Blend? The answer is likely “no.” There was a time when you needed a connection to the Bacardi...more

Posted: October 5, 2012    By Jack Bettridge

The Good Life : Drinks

Highland Park Swings Thor's Hammer

When you have Scotland's northern most distillery (Highland Park) on a remote island (Orkney) that was once part of Norway, it's very tempting to...more

Posted: September 21, 2012    By Jack Bettridge

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