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Gordon Mott

My First Golf Course Cigar

Posted: May 7, 2007 10:17am ET
Finally, the Northeast had a golf weekend to remember, the first of 2007 (if you don’t count January 6th when it was 70 degrees). Since I started playing golf in 1995, we have never had a later start to the spring season. This weekend was warm and pleasant, although it did cool off a bit on Sunday. But hey, 55 and sunny is better than snow, even if the wind was whipping up to a two-club level sometimes.

I also had my first golf course cigar late on Friday afternoon, a well-aged La Aurora 100 Años. It smoked great, and had enough flavor to stand up to the outdoors. I gave my playing partner, a guy who I joined up with on the first tee, a robusto from Montecristo, a non-Cuban cigar that was specially made for a golf tournament a few years back—it has a Habanos2000 wrapper and has aged beautifully. We both enjoyed every puff as the late afternoon sun set over the Hudson River on our club’s course. It didn’t hurt that I had my best round in over a year.

Sunday was the nippy day, and again, I had a few cigar cases in my bag. There was not one “predictable” cigar in there. I do play golf with a lot of Wall Street guys, and men who have the wherewithal to buy whatever cigar they want, and many are on a first name basis with some of the world’s great retailers of Cuban cigars. But I hate to be predictable. I’m more likely to stock those cigar cases with some aged A. Fuentes, an old Padrón, a new brand like Tatuaje, or a La Flor Dominicana or some other premium non-Cuban cigar. My ploy is simple. I want to surprise them with the quality and taste of cigars that some of them are not prone to try.

What do you smoke on the golf course? Are you looking to impress your partners with some well-known illegal smoke, or are you willing to dig deep into your humidor and surprise someone with a nicely aged cigar that you’ve been waiting to savor and that you can buy down the street at your friendly neighborhood tobacconist?

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Matthew Caruso — Jersey —  May 7, 2007 2:50pm ET much says it all. A cigar you should be familiar with.

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