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Rooting for the Cigar Guy

I was at my desk this afternoon when a buddy called. He was watching the British Open. “Jimenez just shot a 64,” he said. “He’s in the lead. And he’s smoking a robusto with a red band on it.”

Miguel Angel Jimenez, Spanish golfer, loves cigars, especially Cubans. “Partagas D 4?” I asked.

“I think that’s it,” the buddy said.

Sounds right to me. If I shot a 64 in the opening round at the British Open—heck, if I shot an 84 at my local munie on any Sunday—I’d fire up a celebratory smoke as well. Probably two.

You have to love Jimenez, whose nickname is “The Mechanic,” if not for his cool demeanor on the course, but for his unapologetic puffing. The man loves a great cigar, and he’s not going to let a little golf match on the world stage get in the way of his smoke. (Best description award goes to BBC Sport writer Ben Dirs, who wrote Jimenez up today as “The Fozzie Bear lookalike,” citing his amber colored bushy ponytail protruding from the back of his cap. Classic.)

I’m a huge fan of the British Open. Thanks to the time difference, when I wake up on Saturday and Sunday morning I can turn on the TV and get right to watching great golf. Now, with a guy who loves cigars as much as I do the leader in the clubhouse, I have another reason to watch.

I’m going to root for the cigar guy. Go Jimenez.
Jack Bettridge July 17, 2009 9:39am ET
You could say the same thing about the just-past Wimbledon: British event, convenient hours to watch. I can't think of any tennis players inspired to smoke celebratory cigars, however.So, when you roll out of bed to the British Open, do you also fire up a cigar? And what's your burner of choice for that early hour?
DJ PA, July 17, 2011 10:00am ET
He had a Cohiba warming up this year. Not sure about his stretching but the cigar looked nice.

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