Baseball And Cigars

Grab a cigar and a fine beverage, and get ready to sit back and take in a game. The Major League Baseball playoffs begin today.

A baseball game offers the perfect tonic for a cigar. Unlike football, which is a game of constant action, baseball games can be long, drawn-out chess matches pitting pitcher against batter, one manager’s strategy against the others. The numbers mean something. Your eyes can move away from the screen for a bit while you engage a buddy, son or spouse in conversation about what’s happened before, what might happen next and how it’s all been done before. There’s history and legend and, hopefully, memorable games.

As the postseason unfolds, we at Cigar Aficionado have brought to you, once again, our guide to puffing in the playoffs by writer Alejandro Benes. His superb piece talks all about the memorable 2012 regular season (a Triple Crown winner—first time in my lifetime!) and lays the groundwork for where you can smoke in the cities that are part of the playoffs.

Read the story, root for your favorite team or against your most hated enemy, and get ready for baseball played in the crisp fall air. Me? I’m rooting for the New York Yankees, a team I’ve loved since I was a kid, and I’ll be on my couch on Sunday with a good cigar, a cold beverage and a burning desire to see them win. (Gordon, who is a Red Sox fan, will be watching soccer this weekend.)

Who are you pulling for? October 13, 2012 3:57am ET
Luckily I am blessed to have a wife who allowed me to build a cigar/media room (with separate ventilation and hvac) and can watch the games in piece. I just wish that owners of bars and restaurants had the freedom to do the same thing I am doing in my home...we can all dream...
Richard Howard Orlando, Florida, USA, October 15, 2012 4:10pm ET
It's okay Gordon, I'm right there with you. Next year!

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