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Over the years as a Red Sox fan, I learned early on not to gloat. After all, there was that painful lesson in 1978 when I moved away from New York to Mexico and my parting shot to my Yankee fan roommate was something along the lines of “don’t worry, there’s always next year.” 

This year, I was very silent. I always assumed the worst. Down 3 to 1 in the ALCS, I was sure the season was over, and at 3 to 2 and 3 to 3. So, a 4 to 3 win against Cleveland was great, but then I figured there was no way the Sox could stop the Rockies’ juggernaut. In both game 3 and game 4, I was absolutely certain that when the Rockies got within one run, they would just keep rolling on and get back into the Series.

At no time did I prematurely light up a victory cigar. That’s the lesson. Never, ever gloat.

But that’s over. Now I can gloat. I had my Red Sox bear prominently displayed on my desk; not for too long, just a tasteful two days before I returned it to its normal resting place atop a bookcase in my office. (I have to say, the uniform is turning a little gray.)  I was grateful that my Yankee fan employees came in to pay homage and give congratulations. Well, most of them did. There are still a few holdouts. My good friend Jose Blanco, of La Aurora, even called up to congratulate me.

Finally, after I was absolutely, positively certain that Major League Baseball couldn’t take the trophy away, I lit up a celebratory cigar. I chose a cigar that Dave Savona blogged about last week, the special Padrón dubbed Reserva de la Familia No. 44. It is a cigar that the Padróns are making only for special dinners, and, according to Jorge Padron, will never be sold at retail. Let’s just say that Dave was right in his blog; if you can find a Padrón dinner in your local area, ask if the 44 is going to be featured, then get a ticket and go.

It was the perfect victory cigar. Wait ‘til next year. But that’s the last time I can say that; after all, the no gloating period has already officially started.
Jose Blanco November 1, 2007 12:14pm ET
Gordon, as I told you over the phone a very well deserved victory,and to celebrate you have pick a great cigar, enjoy why you can because next year its the Yankees, please do not beat up Savona to much.
Marvin Shanken new york city November 1, 2007 6:58pm ET
You and Boston should choke on your cigar. Go Yankees.
Gordon Mott November 2, 2007 8:26am ET
Gee, and I thought Boston fans were sore losers.
Thomas McHugh Baltimore November 2, 2007 8:43am ET
Boston is the lesser of two evils... Then again, as an O's fan... Maybe our owner is truly the evil one...Is there a place to view a schedule of Padron sponsored dinners?
Robert Peluso November 2, 2007 8:49am ET
Nice little column. I am also from Boston,,,the only difference is, when they won the world series, I lit up a Tatuaje havana v1!
kevin anderson Boston, MA November 2, 2007 11:25am ET
Not sure if anyone saw the ALCS celebration or the parade in Boston, but the Sox were enjoying complimentary El Tiante cigars provided by Luis. In fact some of the players are regular smokers of the brand.Go Sox!!!
JOE ARCADIPANE Boston,Ma November 4, 2007 1:24am ET
Good for you Gordon. I feel as though every cigar I smoked this week was part of an ongoing celebration for years past when we watched other teams pop corks and puff away on victory smokes. Only one city choked in the playoffs, Marvin. My choice this week has been an assortment of Oliva Serie V. Let the good times roll, and watch for the Pats in January.

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