Editor Blogs

Andrew Nagy
Our associate editor and webmaster explores the world of beer, from ingredients to brewers and the venues that serve.

Gregory Mottola
From tobacco country to tobacconist, our senior editor traverses the cigar-smoking landscape, connecting with retailers, manufacturers and smokers.

David Savona
Our executive editor gets his boots dirty in the tobacco fields of Central America and the Caribbean for an inside look at the cigar industry.

Marvin R. Shanken
The editor and publisher of Cigar Aficionado magazine makes occasional appearances to blog about cigars, golf and the pursuit of the good life.

Gordon Mott
The senior contributing editor of Cigar Aficionado shares his expertise and views on cigar ratings, fine dining, the good life and the occasional trip to the golf course.

From The Lounge
A blog from our contributing editors and others covering topics that are typically discussed in a cigar lounge.

Jack Bettridge
Spirits and cigars are the burning passion of this senior features editor, a Kentucky colonel who blogs about the encroachment of the nanny state.

Archive of Past Blogs