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Gordon Mott

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May/June 2014 Issue : Good Life Guide


The golf world has been inundated in recent years with high-tech gadgets aimed at helping duffers improve their game. The most sophisticated devices...more

Posted: June 1, 2014    By Gordon Mott

May/June 2014 Issue : Cuba Report

Havana Throws a Party

The annual cigar Festival del Habanos drew retailers, distributors and cigar lovers from around the world to sample the country’s cigars

Posted: June 1, 2014    By Gordon Mott

Cuba : Cuba

Habanos S.A. Marketing Director Leaves

Ana López Garcia, the director of marketing operations for Cuba's tobacco monopoly, Habanos S.A., has left the company. In a short message, she told...more

Posted: April 23, 2014    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : Gordon Mott

Second Chance

When I smoke a great cigar, and give it an extremely high rating, I almost always have a seed of doubt that my impressions were formed by something...more

Posted: April 18, 2014    By Gordon Mott

March/April 2014 Issue : Editors' Note

Ironic and Absurd

It is now legal to sell and smoke marijuana in Colorado and Washington. More states, including California and New York, have begun making noises...more

Posted: April 1, 2014    By Marvin R. Shanken / Gordon Mott

News & Features : News & Features

Els For Autism Breaks Ground For School

Annual Pro-Am Raises $745,000

Posted: March 18, 2014    By David Savona / Gordon Mott

Blogs : Gordon Mott

Cigar Days in Cuba

So many cigars. So little time. At the end of my first full day here in Havana, I sat down to write a blog about what I had smoked, and I couldn't...more

Posted: February 27, 2014    By Gordon Mott

Blogs : Gordon Mott

Festival del Habanos Opening Gala

The soft, magical lighting bathed the circular entrance to Club Habana, a former yacht club in the Miramar section of Havana. The guests entered...more

Posted: February 25, 2014    By Gordon Mott

Cuba : Cuba

New Cigars Kick Off Cuba's Cigar Festival

The 2014 edition of the Festival de Habano kicks off today in Havana with an opening dinner at Club Havana. With participants from more than 80...more

Posted: February 24, 2014    By Gordon Mott

January/February 2014 Issue : Editors' Note

Cream of the Crop

For the third time since we started awarding a cigar of the year in 2004, we have given the title to a Cuban cigar, a Montecristo No. 2. The iconic...more

Posted: February 1, 2014    By Marvin R. Shanken / Gordon Mott

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