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Paul Chutkow

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Sep/Oct 98 Issue : Celebrities

I Dream of Gina

Actress Gina Gershon uses drive and dreams to forge her varied and sometimes risqué career.

Posted: October 1, 1998    By Paul Chutkow

Nov/Dec 97 Issue : The Good Life

Highlands Inn, Carmel, California

Just outside Monterey, that feeling sets in. Maybe it's the converging smells of sea and pine, or coming around a curve and seeing that long ribbon...more

Posted: November 1, 1997    By Paul Chutkow

Nov/Dec 97 Issue : Celebrities

Brosnan. Pierce Brosnan.

Pegged as the best Bond since Sean Connery, the former "Remington Steele" star takes a hard look at himself.

Posted: November 1, 1997    By Paul Chutkow

Sep/Oct 97 Issue : Celebrities

Powers That Be

In a life marked by one great love and a staggering loss, Stefanie Powers emerges as a woman of uncommon strength.

Posted: September 30, 1997    By Paul Chutkow

Winter 96 Issue : Celebrities

Playing the Heavy

Actor Robert Davi has made a career of playing tough guys with a signature cigar.

Posted: November 30, 1996    By Paul Chutkow

Autumn 96 Issue : Celebrities

The Real Vargas

One hundred years after his birth, Alberto Vargas is still regarded as "The King of Pin-Up Art."

Posted: October 1, 1996    By Paul Chutkow

Summer 96 Issue : Celebrities

Fatale Attraction: Anne Archer

Actress Anne Archer has it all: elegance, sophistication, wit, a wonderful family, and a taste for fine cigars.

Posted: June 1, 1996    By Paul Chutkow

Winter 95/96 Issue : News & Features

Young Aficionados

Cigar Smoking Is Hot with the Twentysomething Crowd, Which Agrees: It Is More Than a Fad

Posted: December 1, 1995    By Paul Chutkow

Autumn 93 Issue : Celebrities

Whoopi's Revenge

For years Hollywood executives considered her a talented pain in the neck. Now Whoopi Goldberg's making them pay.

Posted: September 30, 1993    By Paul Chutkow

Autumn 92 Issue : Celebrities

Discovering Columbus

Ridley Scott, Cohiba in hand, directs Gérard Depardieu in 1492.

Posted: September 30, 1992    By Paul Chutkow

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