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Marc Wortman

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Nov/Dec 98 Issue : The Good Life

Hotel Vernet, Paris, France

A boutique hotel, or hôtel de charme as the French say, the Hôtel Vernet looks like a fine private town house. Less than a block from the Place de...more

Posted: December 1, 1998    By Marc Wortman

Sep/Oct 98 Issue : News & Features

Over 30's Play Ball

Once a Game Only for the Boys of Summer, Amateur Baseball Leagues Are Now Filled with Thousands of Men Over 30

Posted: October 1, 1998    By Marc Wortman

May/Jun 98 Issue : News & Features

Setting Sail with the Big Boys

With New Technology and New Money, Majestic Sailing Ships Are Back

Posted: May 1, 1998    By Marc Wortman

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