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Jeff Williams

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May/Jun 00 Issue : Golf

The Ten Toughest Courses

Are tough courses, and then there are these ten monsters

Posted: June 1, 2000    By Jeff Williams

Mar/Apr 00 Issue : Golf

10 American Beauties

All golf clubs claim prestige, but these are the 10 american beauties. The clubhouses ooze tradition and the courses challenge anyone lucky enough to play them

Posted: April 1, 2000    By Jeff Williams

Jan/Feb 00 Issue : Golf

Custom-made Golf Clubs

Custom-made golf clubs provide links weapons made expressly for you

Posted: February 1, 2000    By Jeff Williams

Nov/Dec 99 Issue : Golf

Out of the Woods: Callaway Golf

Ely Callaway took golf into the space age. now he plans to keep it on track for the next century

Posted: December 1, 1999    By Jeff Williams

Jul/Aug 99 Issue : Golf

A Golf Home on the Road

The TPC Network of Golf Courses Provides Sanctuary for Itinerant Duffers on its System of Clubs Spread Throughout the Country and Across The Globe

Posted: August 1, 1999    By Jeff Williams

Mar/Apr 99 Issue : Golf

Vine Drives: Golf in Wine Country


Posted: April 1, 1999    By Jeff Williams

Jan/Feb 99 Issue : Golf

Hawaii: A Rainbow of Golf


Posted: February 1, 1999    By Jeff Williams

Nov/Dec 98 Issue : Golf

Grand Old Golf

The Courses of the Storied Eastern Resorts Offer a Primer in the Game's History to Those Who Play On Them

Posted: December 1, 1998    By Jeff Williams

Jul/Aug 98 Issue : Golf

A Ferocious Golf Course In the Dominican Republic


Posted: August 1, 1998    By Jeff Williams

May/Jun 98 Issue : Golf

Golfing in Jamaica

In Jamaica, Where Courses Are Quirky, Windy and Lush, the Best Advice Is: Listen to Your Caddie

Posted: May 1, 1998    By Jeff Williams

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