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Phil Scott

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July/August 2014 Issue : News & Features

Hot Yachts

The notion of riding the ocean waves for pleasure has never been bigger business, and—between discos, swimming pools, helipads and defense systems—owners never run out of ways to trick out their vessels

Posted: August 1, 2014    By Phil Scott

The Good Life : Where to Smoke

Diamante's Brooklyn Cigar Lounge, New York City

Diamante’s Brooklyn Cigar Lounge is a worn, comfy place, ensconced in the first floor of a Fort Greene brownstone, just a few blocks from the...more

Posted: March 7, 2013    By Phil Scott

May/June 2011 Issue : News & Features

Will Business Jets Fly High Again?

When the heads of GM, Ford and Chrysler appeared before Congress in November 2008 asking for $25 billion in loans to keep their companies from...more

Posted: June 1, 2011    By Phil Scott

September/October 2010 Issue : News & Features

Motorsport Luxe

A new breed of country club offers amateur racing enthusiasts a place to put the pedal to the metal

Posted: October 1, 2010    By Phil Scott

The Good Life : Where to Smoke

A Tour of Ybor City, Florida

My childhood buddy from Kansas, Jim Norris, had always wanted to see Tampa. OK, that's not true. A cigar vampire, he really wanted to check out Ybor...more

Posted: June 3, 2010    By Phil Scott

The Good Life : Where to Smoke

Back Bar Martini & Cigar Bar, Florida

It's Thursday, the New Friday as everyone calls it these days, and late afternoon. While there's winter weather everywhere else, on Florida's Gulf...more

Posted: February 11, 2010    By Phil Scott

Nov/Dec 2007 Issue : News & Features

Decked-Out Jets

From sitting rooms to karaoke lounges to movie theaters, clients are customizing private planes to their exacting standards

Posted: December 1, 2007    By Phil Scott

The Good Life : Where to Smoke

The Martini Lounge, Jordan

Puffing away at the Intercontinental Hotel in Aqaba.

Posted: December 1, 2006    By Phil Scott

News & Features : News & Features

The Great Divide

The author stands with his bike at the Great Divide. Somewhere on a rest stop atop Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado, a bronze strip lies imbedded in the...more

Posted: November 15, 2006    By Phil Scott

Sept/Oct 2005 Issue : News & Features

The Jet Set

For presidents, real-estate moguls and A-list movie stars

Posted: October 1, 2005    By Phil Scott

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