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Andrew Decker

Mar/Apr 99 Issue : News & Features

Art's Next Wave

Today's Artists are Creating Distinctive and Thought-Provoking Works, and Making a Name for Themselves in the Process

Posted: April 1, 1999    By Andrew Decker

Jul/Aug 98 Issue : News & Features

Twentieth-Century Glassmakers

The Translucent Masterpieces of Twentieth-Century Glassmakers Offer Collectors a Shimmering Array of Choices

Posted: August 1, 1998    By Andrew Decker

Mar/Apr 98 Issue : News & Features

Pop Goes The Easel: Pop Art

From Andy Warhol's Soup Cans to Roy Lichtenstein's Comic Strips, Pop Art Gave New Life to the Question: What Is Art?

Posted: March 1, 1998    By Andrew Decker

Sep/Oct 97 Issue : News & Features

Going, Going, Gone!

Before Auction Fever Sweeps You Away, Make Sure You Know What You're Buying

Posted: September 1, 1997    By Andrew Decker


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