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Judd Tully

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Mar/Apr 2008 Issue : News & Features

Helmut Newton: Provocateur with a Camera

Helmut Newton's sizzling images of gorgeous, nude women pushed Buttons and spoke to society's fixation on beauty and glamour. Today, they fetch huge sums at auctions.

Posted: April 1, 2008    By Judd Tully

Sept/Oct 2007 Issue : News & Features

Master of Reality

Whether Lilliputian or Goliath in scale, Ron Mueck's über-realistic sculptures leave a lasting impression

Posted: October 1, 2007    By Judd Tully

Jan/Feb 02 Issue : News & Features

A New Kid in Town

Swann Galleries joins the contemporary art frenzy

Posted: February 1, 2002    By Judd Tully

Jul/Aug 01 Issue : News & Features

Thinking Globally

For the collector interested in science, art, geography or history, globes are out of this world

Posted: August 1, 2001    By Judd Tully

May/Jun 01 Issue : News & Features

Sports Memorabilia Dealers

Collecting baseball cards and old uniforms has become big business

Posted: June 1, 2001    By Judd Tully

Mar/Apr 01 Issue : News & Features

Auctions—Getting the Point

Fountain pens are drawing numbers of collectors

Posted: April 1, 2001    By Judd Tully

Jan/Feb 01 Issue : News & Features

Made In The USA—Mining Americana

Leslie B. Keno, Sotheby's senior specialist and director of business development for American furniture and decorative arts, is rarely at a loss for...more

Posted: February 1, 2001    By Judd Tully

Nov/Dec 00 Issue : News & Features

March of the Toy Soldiers

From ancient Egypt to the present, collectors have gathered their own miniature armies

Posted: December 1, 2000    By Judd Tully

Jul/Aug 00 Issue : News & Features

Divine Machinery

Though prices on Ferraris and Alfa Romeos can race into the millions, collectors can find classic cars starting at $20,000

Posted: August 1, 2000    By Judd Tully

The Good Life : Good Life Guide

A Contemporary Look

Buying Contemporary Art Means Searching Beyond the Obvious

Posted: June 1, 2000    By Judd Tully

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