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Jim Daniels

Jul/Aug 99 Issue : News & Features

Baseball Diplomacy

Do Two Historic Matchups of Cuban and American Teams Signal a Softening of International Tensions?

Posted: August 1, 1999    By Jim Daniels

Nov/Dec 97 Issue : News & Features

Dominican Flowers

A Relative Newcomer to the Cigar Industry, La Flor Dominicana Is Taking Root and Blooming

Posted: November 1, 1997    By Jim Daniels

Nov/Dec 97 Issue : News & Features

Goin' for Bones

Stalking bone fish (and dodging sharks) in the bahama flats is fly fishing's noblest pursuit

Posted: November 1, 1997    By Jim Daniels

Jul/Aug 97 Issue : Cigar Stars

The Padron Family: A Nicaraguan Legacy

Despite Wars in Nicaragua and Bombings in Miami, Jose Padrón Has Built a Thriving Cigar Business

Posted: July 1, 1997    By Jim Daniels

Winter 96 Issue : News & Features

Dominican Diamonds

In the Dominican Republic, Baseball Isn't Just a Pastime--It's an Obsession

Posted: December 1, 1996    By Jim Daniels

Autumn 95 Issue : News & Features

A Passion for Taste

In Costa Rica, Bill McAlpin Is Obsessed with Making Sure that La Minita Tarrazu Is the World's Greatest Coffee

Posted: September 1, 1995    By Jim Daniels


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